Letterpress Printing

Art + Craft

No screen grab can ever hold your interest like these masterful imprints. In a technologically temporary world, the allure of letterpress is its permanence as much as its prettiness. A process developed centuries ago, now practiced with meticulous artistry and a practiced craftsmanship, offers creations as unique and dynamic as you.

For nearly 150 years, Phoenix has perfected all forms of printing. Now, with one foot firmly in technological convenience and the other in timeless craftsmanship, the union is exquisite letterpress quality.

It’s the evolution of traditional techniques into modern masterpieces — and Phoenix Printing is the only place in Augusta to find it.


A paper passion.

Ultrathick 100 percent cotton stock is the basis of all letterpress artistry. Whether imprinted on our thick standard weight (110#), or substantial premium stock (220#), each piece is irresistible to touch—and impossible to put down. Ink and design are combined with extraordinary artisan paper and the multidimensional result leaves a distinct impression on the paper itself, and ultimately on the recipient. “This?” they think… “This is something special.”